You have likely found yourself in a dangerous case if you have ever searched the numbers of local towing firms on your phone. Maybe, you are stuck on the side of the highway.  

Towing Frauds

Car owners do not an option in who tows the vehicle in several cases. 

It’s easy when you pay something online and there is a service managing video identification for fraud protection. But, it is significant to really pay attention to the specifics when cases arise where you require a tow and has a choice of who to contact. Looking for a good towing firm could prevent you from overpaying and being scammed if you do not have a roadside assistance via your insurer or a 3rd-party. 

Popular Towing Frauds 

Towing is not different. It is likely good to be true if it appears like that. It is significant to talk with the firm about the costs. A lot of municipalities and states have limits on how much a tow firm could charge. However, several dishonest firms escape under the radar. 

Several dishonest firms, on top of the base mileage and tow fees, would charge also substantial daily storage and administration fees. This is according to several professionals.  

It is common that they will charge a daily storage fee. However, the reasonable costs run around $25 up to $35 per day. There are a lot of companies that charge insurance for trip – without the knowledge of the client – $130 per day. 

You need to make sure that the company is frank with you about the costs, and confirm again the cost when they arrive at your location. Do not ever sign a contract to tow your car until you’ve got the complete written cost.  

Avoid Tow Firms that are Unsolicited 

Be aware of firms that simply show up “unintentionally” when you are stuck. These are recognized in the industry as “scanner listeners” 

Several firms really listen to the scanners of the police and attempt to scoop up some business. In several situations, the tow firms would attempt to outdo police-designated tow firms to the location and have the driver sign contract to authorize them to tow the car. But, several states are breaking down on this kind of scam. 

For instance, it is not legal in New Jersey to cruise or troll for cars parked without approval. Also, as stated by the New Jersey Department of Client Affairs, tow firms cannot pay for details for cars parked without approval.  

Do to provide the company the permission to tow your car if a firm arrives unwelcome, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau. 

Looking for a Good Company 

The greatest way to avoid scam is to find a firm that is reputable. Know how long is the company been in business. Professionals suggest looking for firms with an online presence or site. This shows that the company is more professional and legitimate.  

Check also if the company carries an up-to-date license, this can be easily checked online free of charge by looking at their content url. Several firms do not carry them. That is why you always have to ask for proof of insurance and licensure. Confirm the name of the company on the tow truck if it matches the company you called.