Most roofs are designed and installed to withstand the extreme weather. However, roof damage can still occur as large hails, hurricane-force winds, heavy snow accumulations or even falling branches threaten the reliability of a residential roofing system. 

In these situations, homeowner’s policies basically provide level of insurance coverage when these natural disasters occur. Some policies provide full coverage while some coverage is based on your roofs age. 

It is important to review your homeowner’s policy after suspecting a roof damage caused by natural disaster such as storms or hurricanes. It is recommended that you ask your agent all necessary questions that may arise if you are working to understand those policies.  

After checking your roof and know the damage or even still suspecting it, contact a professional roofers Wesley Chapel immediately. It is recommended that you chose a contractor with certified roof inspector and here are a few reasons why. 

  • When talking about the expertise and knowledge in making a note of the damage to its full extent, a certified roofer has it all. Basically, these insurance claims are needed to be filed immediately. 
  • There may be a damage you don’t see while checking on your own like those damage done in the sub-roofing which threatens damage to the things inside your home. It is important to make the insurance company aware that the damages of your roof already extend to the unseen areas and it should be noted by a professional roofer upon inspection. 
  • It also depends on the age of your roof in the allocation of your insurance coverage. It is important that your roofing contractor is ready to support you so that the depreciation calculations of the insurance adjuster are noting it accurately. 
  • And lastly, your roofer must know how to format a claim that an insurance adjuster is also familiar with. This is important in speeding up the processing of claims and letting your insurer know that you have an access to a knowledgeable roofing expert. 

When your roof is severely damage by storms or any natural disasters, emergency repairs should be needed before its final repair or in some cases a roof replacement. A roofer may sometimes use tarp across the damaged areas to keep water out. These emergency tarps are sometimes covered under homeowner’s policy. Sometimes it is necessary to stabilize the structure first to avoid a collapse. 

If in case you will need alternative lodging when repairs are being made, you must keep all receipts of you lodging, meals receipt in restaurants and other expenses. For furniture and other personal things that are damaged by water when it enters through the damaged roof. It is also important that you document it. Ideal photos are before and after the damage although any photos of the interior can be helpful evidence in documenting the degree of the damage. 

According to hiring a professional roofer is important, surface repair that fail to fix the damage of the structure may result to more roofing problems in the future. Even adjusters and insurance agents seek in doing the correct way, having no experience with roofing system may result them to underestimate the degree of the damage. For a swift process of the roof repair and in claiming insurance, taking notes is always important whether it is names or numbers, time and any subject matter that may arise.