When you least expect it, cars break down. A time will come when you require hiring the services of Springfield Tow Truck in order to have them deliver your car to a car repair shop, whether they do it in your garage, on the highway, or in the parking lot. There are a lot of types of cars developed for towing. Each of the cars is utilized for various towing purposes and provides a certain set of advantages. All you have to do is know what type is suitable for you. 

Tow Trucks 

Here are the four various types of tow trucks and their uses: 

Flatbed Tow Truck 

This type of tow truck is one of the most widely and commonly used towing cars around the world. It is called flatbed because it has a flat top with a long empty bed. To move the flatbed downwards and upwards, hydraulics are utilized. This type of tow truck pce san diego is simple to use because they could just drive your car up the slope. Also, they are useful in transferring cars that have an issue roadside or have been in an accident. A huge range of boats and cars could be carried on this type of tow truck. 

Integrated Tow Truck 

This type of tow truck is utilized in heavy-duty purposes since they integrated tow trucks are specialized. They are utilized to carry buses or other rigs. This tow truck has additional axles for extra strength or stability and its arm is much more fixed in the truck’s core. 

Hook and Chain Tow Truck 

This type of tow truck is utilized to every type of cargo. The trucks were widely utilized in the past. However, it’s no longer very popular because, on this method, a lot of pressure is applied on the cars that are towed. The chain could scratch or damage the car. That is why it is suggested that you utilize this type if only you’re transferring a junk vehicle to the junkyard. In addition to that, this type of tow truck can’t be utilized on 4×4 and all-wheel drives since it could break the drivetrain. Today, the hook and chain are used mainly for wrecked cars and junk vehicles. This is because when transporting those types of cars, extra harm to the bumper or anywhere does not really matter anymore. 

Wheel-Lift Tow Truck 

This type of tow truck has a similar mechanism to the 3rd type of tow truck. But, instead of chains, it utilized a metal yoke and cause less damage to the cars that are towed. The metal yoke is fixed under the anterior or rearmost wheels. A pneumatic hoist hangs the anterior or rear of the car’s side to boost it from the floor and pull it. Cars that are front wheel drive are pulled by the entrance wheel. Though this type of tow truck is not as protected or safe as flatbed ones, wheel-lift tow trucks are comparatively cheap. Go to https://www.paydaychampion.com/fast-payday-loan/ to find out how you can finance your tow service.